Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Wines

When the UPS man drove up to our door he asked me if I was intoxicated. I must have stopped dead in my tracks because he laughed. I could only say “Not yet!” He was delivering our annual bottle of Marilyn Wine from the Napa Wine company and on the outside of the box was a label that said “Do not deliver if the recipient is intoxicated.” Isn’t that strange?

We received our bottle of Marilyn Wine today. Marilyn Wine is a wine made in St. Helena, Ca. at the Napa Valley Winery. This particular winery is home to a number of vineyards and their winemakers. It is designed as a coop where smaller vintners can made, store and age their wine. We had the privilege of touring the facility several years ago with the Marilyn Merlot winemaker, John McKay, as our guide. We have a bottle signed by him and have collectors of the wine ever since. Those bottles that sold in the 1990’s have become hot collectibles I am told.

In exchange for using the Marilyn Monroe image on the labels as well as her name the company gives a percentage of the profits to charity.

Marilyn Wines holds an exclusive agreement with the estate of Marilyn Monroe for the use of the name and the images. The royalties paid are distributed according to Marilyn’s will to Anna Strasberg who helps support the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and to the Anna Freud Foundation in London, which has set up a special child treatment center called the Monroe Young Family Center.

We now own a 2009 Norma Jean. I don’t think we will ever drink any of the wines we have collected but the labels are beautiful. We just love having them.



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