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va·tic·i·nate play_w2(“V0037800”) (v-ts-nt, v-)

v. va·tic·i·nat·ed, va·tic·i·nat·ing, va·tic·i·nates

To prophesy; foretell. See Synonyms at foretell.

To be a prophet.

Friday, November 13, 2009

#189 – Oracle

ORACLE!!! YIKES!!! If I could have foretold that such a word would greet me I would have gone back to bed and slept a bit longer. It was not bad enough that I actually did not really know what the meaning of the word was. I then found that one of the synonyms, va·tic·i·nate, was a word I did not even recognize. I do not go around saying, “If I could have vaticinated the outcome, I would not have eaten the last piece of pie.” I don’t say that ever.

Did you know that Oracle can actually be a place…not a town (like here in Arizona) mind you, but an actual temple or shrine where people come to see the wisdom of a seer or even a god? It can also be a mathematical solving machine..I think that is what google said. Oracle it turns out is a very flexible word! I had always thought it was only a person…a very wise and learned person that could somehow foretell the future because they saw patterns around them and the future just seemed to make sense for them. That is what I thought! In that case the dialogue would read, “He went to ask the Oracle to tell him if he should sell the ugly daughter or not.” But no, know one is going to tell the guy what to do. He is going have to find the answers himself! Bummer, I hate when that happens.

So I am going to have to beg off on that word. I don’t even know what to say!!!



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