Beauty before Function!

Was the food good?
I don’t remember
but the restaurant was 
Las Vegas, 2009

it has always been my quest
to find beauty in each day.
the deep blue lake
or the fish in the stream
all must have that esthetic quality
that leaves me breathless.

the workings of a machine
does not capture my eye
but the line of the mechanism
or the color of the shell
will inspire a whim to
possess it for my own.

while I know
I cannot live on the beauty
of a mountain or a valley vista
I would rather see beauty
than eat.
it is that valuable
to me.



4 thoughts on “Beauty before Function!

  1. you are so right. one cannot live on love alone but beauty may be a different story.I could not link to your blog thru Sunday Scribblings. It comes up that the the blog does not exist.

  2. I love the idea of making the search for beauty as important a part of the day as a meal. I love your blog too. I wandered off in search of a copy of that writing book you mentioned and wound up at Gutenberg downloading several old texts on rhetoric as well.

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