Some Things Never Change!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

#191 – Game 

My husband has always done this…when things puzzle him he scratches the top of his head.  He began his career in education when he was 26 or 27 and then for the next 31 years went to work to help educate children.  He worked as a high school teacher, a vice principal, principal and assistant superintendent in schools around the state of Oregon.

I swear that everyday of those thirty-one years he came home with a tuft of hair standing up on his head.  I could visualize him looking at a student in amazement, scratching the top of his head and thinking “How in the name of heaven did you manage to do that?”  Teachers, parents, students, secretaries, newspaper people and bosses managed to confounded him everyday.  I  loved that he did those jobs with such enthusiasm and was always game for the challenges. Even if he did scratch his head a lot.

This morning he opened the insurance statements…two of them for the same residence.  Different amounts due, policy numbers that did not match and a note that said “This is not a bill…the real bill will come later.”  He scratched his head and had that look on his face that said “These people are driving me crazy!”  I had to laugh when I saw the tuft of hair standing up on his head.  Some things never change.



4 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change!

  1. my wife complains when I do that. She's a hair dresser and cannot stand to see my hair not combed. On some sundays I do not comb my hair after my shower. She grunbles all day long.

  2. I enjoyed reading your family story and the picture too. My husband had the "Gerber baby look" of surprise every time the wind blew (I had been leaving his thinning gray hair a little longer on top). Ah, 'tis shorter now. This story celebrates many good years. Congratulations!

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