Life is Hard…bravery by comparison!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

#193 – Brave

Someone said that “life is hard and then….!”  Boy is that true or what.  Just being alive requires bravery…getting old takes up a lot of your time and being young…well that is just impossible.

I am the mother of three and the grandmother to 10 (almost 11) grandchildren.  I am living the old part and watching the young people in my life do the impossible.   I am not responsible for their courage yet I swell with pride as I watch them overcome each road block and move on.

Teenager with their delicate hearts endure broken relationships and the depression that follows. They try for what they want and then wait to be selected for the team or a job and still smile when they see me.  They have not burdened us with their fears or spread their gloom over our lives.  I admire that a lot.  Living through the bad times with courage is one thing but displaying the bravery of a smiling face is another.  Severe illness has visited one grandchild yet he is resilient, kind and above all positive about his life.  His bravery has been an example for us all.

My children have chosen lives of public service.  They have endured hard times in their personal and professional lives with dignity and came back better than ever.  Their courage truly has been a inspiration for my husband and I.  It is very difficult for me not to become a braggart.  Still is seems to me that even though our children are doing remarkable things, it is only when we see the contrast of what they have endured, that we can appreciate their success.  I will not tell you the full story because I think you have all seen the same patterns in your family and friends.

Brave is a very big word and heros are hard to find…or at least that is what we think.  It occurred to me this morning that the world may be looking in the wrong places.  Brave heroes are all around us.  We should be very grateful.


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12 thoughts on “Life is Hard…bravery by comparison!

  1. It seems that so many people are down on younger generations…it's nice that you give them credit for their struggles–and there are so many struggles in contemporary society that were not shared by other generations. At 34, I have these struggles, and I definitely see them in my students.

  2. I too think of how much bravery each of us needs to do what is "right" or "best". Your pediatrician was exactly right, for we all are so often confronted with hard choices. I especially appreciate your tribute to young people (which I also saw as a teacher). Too bad the media reinforces a darker vision. And thank you for visiting!

  3. You're so right Barbara. All we have to do is look around and see that bravery flourishes in the faces we love and the people we know. No one really knows how another lives or what their heart goes through and when we see smiling faces, we forget that perhaps underneath that smile lies a wound that is still raw. This was a terrific, perspective post. Wishing you an wonderful and joyous Holiday.P.S. – love your header!

  4. Dear Mrs. Torris — I'll answer your question by saying that there should be one main caretaker, but the whole family should help with the dog, not just one person.Thank you for visiting my blog.Miranda E.J.

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