The Taste of Family Love…Christmas 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

#195 – Delicious

Like most families in the world, ours involves extended family, family living far away and those of us that keep the home fires burning.  As it turned out the only day we could actually all get together was on Boxing Day or the day after Christmas, December 26th.  Our grandsons from across the city came to stay with their dad on that day.  Our granddaughters had spent Christmas Day with their father but were home on Saturday.

So this is where the Delicious part comes in.  First we savor the idea that we can all be together.  Then we tasted the sweetness of each grandchild’s kiss.  We take pictures so the flavor of the evening will not be lost after the party is over.  We eat up each and every moment as though it will be our last meal.

If you have any flavors in your cupboard that are tastier than these I am so happy for you.  Our cupboard of life is full to the brim.


Post Script:  We do not know what Boxing Day is or even if it was on Saturday.  We just celebrate at the drop of a hat.

The cousins each got their rock again this year…worry stones from Mexico.  My husband I will donate to the Juvenile Diebetes  Research Foundation   (this is the web site where  you can donate)  in honor of the Cousins Club.  Cousin’s Club was formed last year so that our grandchildren could learn about working together for a charity!  Our grandson suffers with diebetes and we want him to be able to live his life without carrying a black bag of meds every where he goes.

This year we took a video with our computer and my daughter-in-law (Maddie’s Minute) is creating a video.  I hate to brag but she is an educator trained by the Apple corporation in a workshop in Singapore and is certified to do this sort of thing.  I will post the final cut when it is ready.


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