Amelia’s Apology

I love to laugh and almost NEVER forget a story that is funny. Here are a few of my favorites.

For example:

My granddaughter was in trouble for biting her friend Eva’s arm.  There was even blood her big sister informed me and the whole family is trying to impress Amelia with the idea that biting is a bad idea.  Every time they looked at her they would say “Don’t Bite Eva”.  Her mother even created a blog in which Amelia was suppose to apologize to Eva for the bite.  Amelia loves to do a video on the computer and she actually did say sorry and then changed the subject as quick as a 2 year old can.

Amelia has given Eva’s new name….”Don’t Bite Eva” she is called now.  At least by Amelia.

When our friends left Ohio to travel to Arizona after the first of the year, they ordered all their medication.  They had them delivered to the door the Friday before their departure on Monday.  Sure enough the pills arrived right on time as promised…when the woman opened her package and checked on the pills, the bottle was very empty.  The pharmacy promised delivery to their house on Wednesday but explained that the mail will not forward her medicine.  She is hoping a friend will mail them when they come and she has asked her to see if the bottle is full of course!  I am still wrapping my mind around the empty pill bottle!

I have several others that I should mention…I have a friend that chopped firewood in her apartment’s living room…the landlord asked her to leave. I have another friend that is “merge-aphobic” and cannot drive on the freeway.  My friend Lois is directionally challenged and cannot find her way home if she goes out the wrong door at the supermarket.



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