Three Word Wednesday….South Pacific!


Hawaii by ~Aigophagos on deviantART

Oh my gosh…she had decided she is going to become Polynesian!  The music from the basement is blaring and she is begging for grass skirts and a trip to Hawaii.  What in the name of heaven are we going to do.  I am teetering on the brink.

Are you sure she is our child?  I mean the others aren’t like her and we are semi sane.  Did we come home with the right one?

We live in Minnesota for goodness sakes….she’s blond with blue eyes and white skin.  How does she get this stuff into her head?  I swear, I am never taking her to another movie ever.  What am I going to do?

Now Mrs. Olson, it will be just fine.  This happens occasionally and we try to just let the child work through it in their own time.  Ideally she should give it up on her own.  We will just wait a few months and I am sure it will blow over.

Who is this “we” you keep talking about.  This “we” lives with her many hours a day…24 hours on the weekends.  Have you ever had to listen to Don Ho sing “Tiny Bubbles” 43 time before noon?  I didn’t think so…now she is trying to learn to play the ukelele.  The ukelele?  Clink bonk clink by the hour.  Her uncle bought her one…he is just as nuts as she is.  Really, I think I might have to go away for a while.  I know!  Since you think you are part of the “we” why don’t you take her home with you for a while.  AND as for it passing, this has been going on for two years!  I don’t think it is going to pass over very soon.  I need help and I need help now!  This situation calls for drastic measures. 

Who? Etta?  Why didn’t I bring her with me?  She is the one that needs help?  Well…I don’t know.  I wanted to…I think I just forgot.


I noticed Not Me Monday below…evidentally other parents have the same problems

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12 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday….South Pacific!

  1. Well, you can't blame a Minnesotan for wanting the white sands of Hawaii. Especially not now. I really liked this. One small change – it's "Tiny Bubbles." I know my Ho.

  2. I have my mp3 player on shuffle today as I am reading these and it randomized the perfect background music for this one… John Keawe, "Paliakamoa". It's a relaxing instrumental from a "Paradise Music Sampler" CD I bought while in Hawaii 8 years ago.I live in a snowed-in corner of the States as well so I can certainly relate with the Hawaiian envy. Thanks for sharing, a fun read!

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