Ethics? Listening to our Reflection!

The Rock of Ethics
Build your life on it!!

Isn’t is interesting how we see ourselves.  We think we are honest, upright, quiet, forcoming, gentle, kind, lovely people.  We love our children, our in-law, grandchildren, friends, neighbors.  We are religious yet tolerant, unbigoted…did I say gentle.  We are just perfect in our own eyes.  We are paragons of virtue!!!  Yes we are.

While we are thinking of our many virtues and ethical values we may forget to be a “listener to our own reflection”.  The mirror of life is how people react to our behavior.  If we are loud, people will flinch.  If we are judgmental, we will see a frown.  If we are bigoted, we will feel the need to hide behind closed doors and be very choosy of the doors we go through.  If we are unethical we will feel fearful or maybe some will feel absolutely nothing.  The silent noise of that reflection is all around us.  These are the “sounds of the mirrors of life”.

I learned long ago that if I look at a room in a mirror, I will see it in a whole new light.  Could it be true that when we look in the mirror of other people’s eyes, we will see ourselves as we really are?  And wouldn’t it be wonderful if we liked what we saw?

Just a thought.


Note:  Our baby Brycen will be coming home from the hospital today…the best Valentine Gift of all. 


4 thoughts on “Ethics? Listening to our Reflection!

  1. I'm glad your baby is coming home! That is a wonderful Valentine's gift.I really enjoyed reading your post. I loved the idea of seeing our reflection in others eyes. If we remain aware of those reflections, it makes us better people. Thank you for holding up the mirror!

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