ADSENSE…a fun tease to earn meager income by generating ads! IIIWW


Are these words designed to prompt those of us that dabble in adsense ads tell all? If so I am biting!  Here goes! I am here to tell you that when I figure out how to generate an ad that actually gets money generating clicks, I will let you know.  I have never earned a consistent sum.  Still, even though the earnings are meager, they are enough to tease me.  I want a Kindle and when I have earned enough, hopefully before I am 103, the purchase will be made.  I have resolved to wait on my new toy.  I am spurred on by every little bit that comes in from the ads.  I check daily and sometime hourly.  Hope spring enternal.

My Retire In Style Blog is the one that earns money for me.  But Barbara’s Travels  is the one that draws the most interest.  I get comments on this blog and none on the other.  On top of that I cannot figure out which of the ads on the other blog is the one that people click.  Visiting the adsense earnings report for my account has becomes a “teachable moment” for me.  They are the teacher and I am the student. 

A recent post on my Retire in Style Blog was about living in very small spaces…something my husband I do in the winter.  Decorating a Tiny House/Apartment…links to links! was something that interested me so I wrote about what I learned on that day.  A little income came dribbling in.  BUT when I looked at the feedjit report I found old blogs from all over the place that people had visited…some were as old as 2 years. Articles on the Hoover Dam Bypass gets attention almost daily.   It was not the Tiny House article that attracted attention.   When I see that sort of thing, I am prompted to write AGAIN about the subject coming at it from a different perspective.  Is that good?  Heavens I don’t know.

So just shoot me now and put me out of my pain!  Quit with the teasing and meager income and ad generating information!  I give up…well not really1  It felt good to say it though!


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13 thoughts on “ADSENSE…a fun tease to earn meager income by generating ads! IIIWW

  1. But wait, what about the iPad? Yeah, it's more expensive, you might have to wait until you're 118, but technology moves as fast as clicking through ads.

  2. Oh I hope you save enough soon! I was in the process of saving when a friend decided to sell their Kindle 2 and I got it (nearly new!) for half the Amazon price. I am LOVING it. I have free books, purchased books, and converted documents on it and am planning a "best hints" blog post for some of my Kindle friends soon. I no longer have to carry a tote bag of books everywhere I go – just my Kindle 🙂

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