Interviewing in Starbucks? It makes you look like jerk!!!

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A photo of a cup of coffee.

I went  to Starbucks yesterday morning for a cup of coffee and a bagel…I can walk across a parking lot and be there.  I think of Starbucks as another living room.  If I were a widow I would spend part of every day drinking coffee and reading in one of their comfortable arm chairs.  Like a lot of people I feel an ownership in the local coffee shop.

I don’t own an office nor am I working.  The coffee shop would be a place to escape those places if I were.  Starbucks is NOT the office.  There is no privacy and, while you can “computer” while you are there, you should not turn your tunes on while you do.  It is just common courtesy.

So, tell me this, “Why do people think they can interview clients, prospective employees or anyone else in Starbucks?”  It is not appropriate, very annoying and it makes you look like a jerk!   PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!  DON’T DO THAT!

I am through.


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One thought on “Interviewing in Starbucks? It makes you look like jerk!!!

  1. Barbara, I so agree! How inconsiderate. People go to Starbucks to sit down and relax and enjoy their cup of joe. To me, it's just like conducting an interview at a library….just not the place!

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