Procrastinate: Say yes while saying "I’ll do it later!"

Carry On Tuesday

Each day just goes so fast
I turn around – it’s past
“The trick is to find out what you NEED to put off so there is a better outcome and what you will never want to do but must be done anyway.”   b 
Procrastination is the theme today…or tomorrow…or whenever!  You know what procrastination is or if you don’t, you can look it up when you are in the mood…later I am sure.  Most of us see procrastination that a bad thing.  We all know the list of things we need to do, later…much much later. The question is when?
  1. Cleaning under the stove 
  2. Putting the things in the suit case away 
  3. Sweeping the porch 
  4. Mowing the backyard cow pasture
  5. Folding clothes 
  6. Sorting the sock drawer
  7. Writing the report
  8. Calling the customer
  9. Send a card to Grandma
  10. Say thank you

My husband told me recently that he wanted to fix the garbage disposal but he just could not work up any enthusiasm for it.  That may be what procrastination is all about…enthusiasm.  I always have loved this quote from Friends.  I paraphrase:

Chandler:  Pheobe, will you come to the doctors with me? 

Phoebe:  I would really like to do that but I just don’t want to today!

That is procrastinating while saying yes to the job!  On a blog called The Chief Happiness Officer the writer, Alexander Kjerulf, talks about the benefits of procrastinating.  He focused on procrastination in posts tagged “happy at work” and “psychology”.  Of himself he said:

I often berate myself for not just getting the stuff done I need to do… but I also find that I can force myself to do it, and it turns out to be difficult, or I can wait until he right moment (whatever that is) and suddenly it’s so easy, it feels as if the work does itself. On the other hand, sometimes I DO force myself to do it and it also turns out to be easy :o)

I loved the fact that he wanted his readers to give themselves permission to put things off so that they can be more productive.  If a boss (or a nagging wife) sees that the procrastination leads to more productivity in the long run, procrastination can be turned into a positive. The trick is to find out what you NEED to put off so there is a better outcome and what you will never want to do but must be done anyway.  There is a very fine line between childish laziness and reasonable delay. Kjerulf has some good information.

Still, I can only think that there is a primary flaw in procrastination.  We could lose our chance forever to show our love…each day just goes so fast (we) turn around (and) it’s past.  In that particular case procrastination is NEVER a good thing.

Just a thought.


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2 thoughts on “Procrastinate: Say yes while saying "I’ll do it later!"

  1. 'It's not on my list of priorities' – often used as a retort, but are people who actually keep these lists only trying to justify their procrastination?

  2. Here I was ready to put off the rest of my release week taks and pick up with it again tomorrow. But it's true these days are going too fast and they fly past before i'm through my To Do list.I'll just say finishing it would be a good thing aand procrastinate going to bed.

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