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Instead of posting for Three Word Wednesday I took time to read every blog that linked to the prompt.  I was so impressed with the variety of ways the three words were interpreted.  I thought the words reflected what had been going on in the world this week.  Monday was Nation Womans Day and a terrorist born in the United States has been unmasked.  SHE was recruited by another woman from the northeast part of our country.  Veil and Obedient said more than we could hope for.  Black Eyed Susan said it all in a post called IIIWW: Honor Women in History  On Fire for the RevolutionI read about this phenomena in a book called  Reading Lolita in Tehran. You must read what Black Eyed had to say.  If the women in Tehran, Iran could change history (modify?)  or even go back in time, they would never have supported the revolution that brought down the Shah of Iran. 
Facebook profile circa 2007.
I received an interesting comment from a teacher on the blog about the down turn in teenagers writing online.

Lilibeth said…When I first discovered blogging, I had high hopes for my teen-aged students. They were actually writing instead of texting! But they didn’t post long before they gave up, and even on facebook, they gave way to the tidal wave of adults who are exuberant about reconnecting with old friends. I think it’s because they have so little to say, and don’t have the patience to say even that.

Adults are perhaps more apt to write when they have nothing to say…there is enough experience inside their heads to draw upon to make that possible.  Our expectation for teens are so often unreasonable.  They walk around in big bodies with minds that have been nowhere.   And no posting a blogs may be a very good thing.  Posting immature thoughts, political views, profanity…the list goes on and on…can effect their lives in years to come.  Once it is out there it is very hard to delete.

Do you see the advantage in keeping a blog roll?  I am writing three blogs.  Each has it own purpose and direction.  This blog is a personal blog aimed at the MISC. tag.   If I wake in the morning thinking of something I write about it to clear my mind.  I am always interested in conversations.  By keeping a list of blogs that interest me for each of the three blogs I have that at my finger tips.  What do you do?

Have a wonderful day.


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4 thoughts on “Reading Lolita…IIIWW Blogs and More

  1. I was blown away by some of the posts this week.Some were beautiful – some, so very sad.I use google reader for blog reading and I follow over a hundred blogs, sorted into categories. I keep a blogroll but there is no way I could put everyone I follow there LOLI too had hoped to see blogs used by the high school crowd. After participating in nanowrimo this year I am hoping to start a young writers program next year and concentrate on a small group of kiddos that have a strong desire to write. I think that they have more to say than they themselves realize. Great post – thought provoking!

  2. Dee, I would love to see you do that…writing is such a powerful way of learning not only about the world but about ourselves.b

  3. So many wonderful thought in this post. I was particularly interested in what you said about teen bloggers/writers. I find that so sad. I wrote so much in high school. Could it be more a product of their culture, in particular tv/game ifluences. I read and read and read. And I wrote–letters, stories, poetry. Perhaps more than my peers, but I don't think I was that unique. Thanks for sharing this.

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