he was…?

This week’s words are:
He loved a shortcut!
The neighbors yard was not safe
The neighbors kitchen was not safe
The shortest distance between two places was his goal.

He loved a long cut.
A wrong turn was not a bad thing.
He did not follow the order of the universe.
He would go in the wrong direction to get to the right place.

He loved the stars.
They lit the sky when the summer was warm.
The swan was a favorite and he would have followed
The north star to the ends of time if he had been free to do so.

He loved inappropriate childlike behavior.
He would dump his shoes on the living room carpet.
Children sat very close to him and they knew what we did not.
He was soft and quiet but wild and wondrous all at the same time.

Shortcuts, long cuts, stars and children.

He loved them all equally but music was where he hid.
Late night would be the time for opera and contemplation.
Those who slept never understood what he was truly like…not at all.



4 thoughts on “he was…?

  1. I think my favourite line must be “He would go in the wrong direction to get to the right place”. Beautifully written.P.S. I think you should know that your link to this post on 3WW comes up with the message that it does not exist. I found this via your name.

  2. barbara, this is so poetic..and a beautiful story… some poems just need to be verbalized, it would be great to hear this one…it sounds as if he carries green pixel dust in his pocket.. as the character in james and the giant peach.. glad i stopped by…. and appreciate yr thought provoking comments back at my blog..

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