Dear Maddie…a letter!

Saddled Horse, Tanque Verde Ranch, March 2010

Dear Maddie,

Maddie with a Unicorn painted on her arm. July 2009
Desert iguana
Desert Iguana

I have been thinking about you a lot these days.  When we saw this horse the other day, I wondered if you still liked the horses the way you used to.  Your Grandma Dottie had a beautiful horse and I remember that you saw it when you visited her.

This horse has the saddle on but I could not figure out if it was just back in the corral after a long ride or was waiting to go out with a rider.  I did notice that something was missing that would make it very hard to ride.  What is the name of what is missing?  You know a lot more about horses than I do.

Humming Bird Nest, Grandpa holding mirror, April 201

The sun is shining and we love that a lot.  A hummingbird is making a nest on our porch and the mother has one egg in the nest.  We saw a Desert Iguana just outside the fence around our park.  It was a lot bigger than any lizard we have seen here in Arizona.  I was very glad it was not any closer.  It would not hurt us but it can run very fast so it might make you jump if you were surprised.

Grandpa and I are doing fine. We will see you soon.  We love you and your little sister a lot.  Tell everyone “HI”!

Summer Fun, Amelia and the Slide! 2009



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