Global Warming…who cares? Trashing the globe…everyone!

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diminution (ebb)
sign over (negotiate)
no aim (random)

It could have helped…actually been good!  But no!  Road block, walls, an ocean of objections came flowing from the far corners.  The hope had been that a religious zealot would not appear…in recent time there had been a diminution of fervor.  But the plan had failed.

New teachings were met with outrage…the idea that we somehow controlled what was and would be was heretical.  The day for burning crosses and death in pain had passed.  There would be a slow, sucking of life from those that wanted to alter the course.  Shunned on the street and wounded in patterns that appeared to have no aim filled the days and nights.  Money disappearing, children bullied, family deserted to join other side.  Soon there would be nothing left but ashes.

Then something happened…a light appeared.  The wounded were healed when they found words were stronger than all outward assault.  Change was about the words…warmth of the globe or the evil of the enemy…were replace with trashing our world.  Change was about cleanliness, civility and generosity.  It did not matter if they took responsibility for the harm or they lay it at the feet of their master.  It did not matter if the filthy were causing the ice to melt.   It only mattered if they changed their ways…cleanliness was next to godliness.  In the end they signed over the blame and took up the culture of the love for the earth.

The words were written:  If the messenger is someone you hate, you still need to make sure that the message is wrong before you disagree. Ezekiel said:  I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean from all your uncleannesses.  Our job is to see that the water remains clean.


NOTE:  When someone says “I don’t believe in global warming”  I simply say, “I don’t care about global warming…I just want people to quit making a garbage dump of our earth!”  It does stop them in their tracks.  I can’t imagine who could disagree with that!

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