Sunday Scribblings…a favorite Sunday event!

Living Room of New Park ModelTiny Park Model Living Room 

Dear Friends,
     In the event of my passing, please be sure to edit my terrible blog posts here on Barbara’s Travels…I will send the password to someone you all know so you can mess around with my words.  Incidentally, I don’t plan on passing anywhere or anytime soon so don’t get your hopes up.  But just in case, you should pay very close attention and check in often for updates on my health!  🙂
     I hope all you Sunday Scribbling fans are doing what you love.  Sharing our thoughts on Sunday Scribblings has become a habit with many of us.  So when I ask you to take a look at the Travel Quiz I put on my Retire in Style Blog you will understand that I need to share what I have been doing.
     We have just arrived home after almost 7 months in Arizona.  Oregon is beautifully green and our big condo (or so it seems after that long in a tiny park model) was beautiful.  My family all showed up and removed the dust that had settled before we arrived.  I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see that big “event“!  When adults and children from 17 to 3 month are here, it gets a little crazy.
     I see that Keith over at Keith’s Ramblings has published a book about his friend Rosey!  Appropriately enough it is called My Friend Rosey I always loved the stories about her life, both on her blog and his.  What a delightful young woman she must be. 
     All is well here…I just wanted to drop you all a short line.  Be well!


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