Fatal Mistakes…How to drive me away!

I’ve got holes in my head!!!!

     Black is good…just not on a blog.  I don’t know any other way to say it!  I cannot read blogs with black back grounds.  My bounce rate for black blogs is almost instantaneous.  It has nothing to do with prejudice or preference for colors.  I just cannot see the words!
     Start off saying what you are talking about….please.  I am easily confused.  When I sign forms I cannot tell whether to sign above or below the lines.  It is a disability I did not choose but what is, is.  So if a blog has ten lines of pictures, information and ads before I actually get to the blog post, I get confused and bounce right out of that place.
     Keep it short.  I love a good story but I do not like a lot of words…well unless you are Ernest Hemingway or someone like him.  Less that 1000 (much less sometimes) works for me.  I want to read and comment but short is good.  I have been guilty of lengthy tirades myself.  The key I think is to divide a piece up in smaller portions with head lines!
     The question here is…who the heck cares what I like?  But then again, how are you going to know if I don’t tell you?
     Just a thought!


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