Grasping at Straws IIIWW

     It is almost spooky when the words that come up on a prompt like Three Word Wednesday  were chosen for me!  How does our wonderful guru do that?

     I have been preoccupied so I did not notice the IIIWW prompt until this morning.  Dread, grasp, pacify were the words our friend chose for us to use.  I know you all will relate to this turn of events in our lives.  My husband is sick!  It is as simple as that.  We have been married almost 50 years.  It has not been easy nor have we always been happy.  But, when all is said and done, we are a team…two people that know what the other is thinking even before they know they are going to think it!  I do not like for him to be sick at all.
Brayden and Grandpa (Poppa)
      Like so many woman my age, I have always been the puny one.  My ailments have ruled a great deal of our life.  My husband, on the other hand, has never complained much and never talks about how he feels.  So what happens…he gets sick and all of a sudden I feel fine (almost).  I have dreaded this day and I find us grasping at straws…well, maybe not but it is not looking as good as it could.  Our family is a rock and they do not try to pacify me with empty words.  We are just hunkering down, having fun and enjoying today.  In a week or two we will have better answers.  But until then….well you know how it is.

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