God Was His Imaginary Friend

Writer’s Island

Imaginary friends are those shadowy creatures that inhabit a child’s mind and insane people’s world.  They have been a source of fascination for me since my next to the oldest grandson decided that God was his imaginary friend.  His other grandmother, the one he loved the best, told him about God and how he was always around even though you could not see him.  Ethan just decided to make him a personal friend and invited God to play Legos.
There was a TV cartoon not so many years ago called “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” and the premise for the story was that when the child outgrew his friend, Foster’s was where it went to live.  Clowns, tigers and one blue dot lived in the home waiting to be claimed by another child.  They could be adopted and used over and over.  Isn’t that a lovely idea?
Ethan did outgrow talking to God and is almost 17 now.  Somehow it makes me a little sad.  Would that we could all have a friend as special as that.


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