Hand-me-downs…thoughts on sharing!

I woke up thinking about hand-me-downs this morning.  I often wonder where these musings come from.  Somewhere in the back of my brain there must be a drawer that needs to be emptied.  For whatever reason I need to work things out so I can put them back in the drawer in a more organized fashion.
I am a child of World War II and heard all my life about shortages and the lack of elastic for underwear.  I think buttons became very important in those days.  My aunt never let my mother forget the day my panties fell off on a downtown street.  This beautiful aunt went into a store and bought me what I needed.  I was about three years old.  But I never wore hand-me-downs. I had no idea what that even was. 
So when I was a substitute teacher for 13+ years, I was not in tune with the fact that my students might not be wearing clothes that were specifically purchased for them.  In one case I called a little boy Raymond for a whole week only to find out that his name was really Tom. He was wearing his big brother’s old soccer shirt and the name on the front was…you guessed it…Raymond.   I can just imagine him going home and telling his mom that I was a lot like her…I was always calling him by his bother’s name!
Now my grandchildren are being raised in an entirely different world.  Their parents can afford to purchase the very best for them.  They do not wear things out and when they outgrown the wonderful clothes, they pass them on to a friend.  Some of my granddaughter favorite outfits were worn by a neighbor girl she admires. 
We are all products of the times.  Each generation brings a new perspective to the things all of us have in common.  I suppose the old saying the more things change the more they stay the same applies.
I feel better now.  Thank you for listening.


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