For Sunday Scribblings A Potpourri

I took a look back at the week and thought you might be interested.  The word mess came up on Sunday Scribblings.   It set the stage very nicely.  While this week wasn’t a mess in general, when I find myself all over the place it feels that way.  See what you think.

I wrote a poem last Monday for Monday Poetry Train.  It could have been written about an adult but actually I heard the voice of a child in my head.  It was called Bending Words and went like this:

 Bending Words

I will believe you.
Tell me I’m good.
It would not take
The sun moon stars.
I will believe you.

I will love you till the
End of time.

I will believe you.
You may tell me
I have far to go
To find your favor.
I will believe you.

I will love you till the
End of time.

I will believe you.
Your voice rings
In my ear
As the day closes or begins.
I will believe you.

b 2010 

The Vendor
Then a later post was about the market vendor at our Sunday Farmer’s Market here in the neighborhood.  The story is pure fiction but the personality of our vendor shines through.  You might want to read The Market Vendor.  There are so many interesting people out in our world and I love to tell little parts of their stories woven in with pure imagination.
Etta is back.
Day before yesterday I had a feeling about today’s prompt and wrote and rewrote a story about messy people.  It probably still needs more work and the story is not even close to being finished.  ETTA IS BACK! That was a wonderful discovery on my part.    It is called Her Very Own Mary Poppins. I think you will see that the word mess fits perfectly with this post.

Have a wonderful day/week/life.


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