On Being Two! Child Development

Just because it’s spring!

     We all turned two and some of us never got over it.  The need for independence, the right to say no, stubborn beyond belief…yes that would be two at it’s best and worst.  Oh how I long for the days when I could get away with that kind of behavior.  But alas those day are long, long, long gone.
      It is only when I am around my two year old grandchildren, that I realize how two we all remain through out our lives.  Amelia came to call yesterday…she is very two.  We are all hoping she is not stuck and will out grow some of it…not all but just a little!  If she weren’t so doggone cute, well lets just let it go.  What did she do? you ask. 

Amelia’s shoe!

     In Amelia’s rush to grow up, she is learning to dress herself.  I’d rather do it myself! she will think.  The minute she arrives for a visit she takes her shoes off and her socks too.  When it is time to go she wants to put them back on by herself….no matter which words we use to explain about shoes, the right shoe for the right foot, all she hears is blah, blah, blah, blah!  It is a waiting game.  She does loose interest and so we do not send her out into the world with the left shoe on the right foot.  Her mother even managed to get her socks on with out her noticing when she left yesterday. 
     I swear that all teachers should have to be locked up with a two year old for a while so they can cope with a classroom full of children…no matter their age!  We all learn at two how to be independent and just a little stubborn.  Sigh!


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One thought on “On Being Two! Child Development

  1. How I long to be a mother of a 2 year old again. But, it will never happen, so the next best thing is to be able to spend some time with that 2 year old for about 10 days this summer. And, with a soon to be 7 year old. How wonderful life is.

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