The Bad Man…a melodrama!

Three Word Wednesday
feign, imply, virtue
 It is interesting how this story hit me in the middle of the night…the tag line came to from Gray’s Anatomy.  I don’t suppose it is a virtue to use another’s words.  In my defense, if I had not told you, you would never have guess where it came from.  

     He was not a nice man…evil some would have implied with a short word and a look.  When you are the kind of person that feigns affection for a lonesome widow and then steals their late husband’s wedding ring, you get labeled.  I am sure you can see how things like that go.  He pushed old ladies in crosswalks causing them to fall in front of cars.  He was even caught stealing a little child’s candy.  He grew a black twirled mustache.  He liked how it looked and admired himself in the mirror or store front windows.    His eyes were cold and black and his lip curled when he tried to smile.  No food could make him fat so his sunken cheeks lent to the air of stinky bad.
    His mother was a not a nice woman herself.  The orphanage she owned was cold and bare.  She adopted the bad man when he was a boy.  He was very naughty but she did not find out until it was too late.  He was very clever when it came to fooling people.
     On a dark day in March when the wind was blowing and rain pelted from a cloud, the food money from his mother’s orphanage went missing.  She knew at once who had taken the food money.       
     When she caught the bad man tip toeing out the back door,  she grabbed him by the ear and hauled him up to the top floor, past the grandfather clock on the landing and down the hall to a bedroom.  She put lots of padlocks on the outside so he could not escape.  Although he wanted out he did not even try to get away.  Even though he as a very bad man, he had no power against his mother.  She was as tall and pointy as he was short and evil.  When you decide to be good and you confess to stealing food from the orphans, you can come out, she screeched at him.   The sad thing was he was so awful that he could not admit that what he did was wrong.
     Time passed and he became fat and soft.  His mother, on the other hand, lived on never changing.  She remained pointy and screechy.  Her one hope was that he would repent and confess to the bad things he had done. She had been a good mother she told herself…he would tell the truth sooner or later.   But she finally gave up hope.  She began leaving the bedroom door unlocked when she fed him.  She would take him his meal and then sit in the hall waiting to see what he would do.   It was several weeks before he noticed her error.    She saw him peek around the corner to see if it was a trick. He had an evil smile on his lips as he came into the hall.      First he took a step, then he clicked his heels together in glee and finally he began to run. He rushed toward the stairs he had not gone down for so many years.  It seems like such a shame, what happened next.  You see, he stumbled over a small orphan sitting on the top step and bounced down down down like a rubber ball kicked for fun.  The grandfather clock barely slowed the descent. When he hit the bottom, the house fell silent for a moment or two.
       A small orphan’s voice called up the stairs “Missy, he spoke…I heard him say something.”
      “Oh,” she screeched, “Did he saw sorry.”
      “Well I leaned real close and he whispered in my ear.”
      “And he said….?”

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