When ME becomes WE!!! Sunday Scribblings

Nature’s Red White an Blue!

My husband said I was very agreeable this morning…not that unsual I pointed out to him…he didn’t say so but I sensed that he wasn’t 100% convinced.  Sigh!

It is July 4th I pointed out.  We are all created equal and the nation is founded on the WE not the I.  Being agreeable is the only way this country can survive.  True, an argument is good for our nation but in the end, as John Nash so wonderfully proved, none of us can be completely happy when we live in a country where everything must be negotiated.  We must all give a little and agree that the needs of the largest number of people should be served.  It is hard but in the world of grand experiments, it has worked very well for over 200 years.  Not bad I think.  My husband, being an agreeable man, nodded his head yes.

I caught the last bit of the Norman Lear interview on Sunday Morning show this morning.  He had some very thought provoking things to say.  There were two things that rang true for me:

  • Religion is a contract between each individual and his maker.  Lear said it made him very angry when someone tried to say he was “bad” because he did not ascribe to their beliefs.  Don’t mess with his freedom of religion
  • While most people would label him as a liberal, he sees himself as a “bleeding heart conservative”.  Don’t mess with his Bill of Right!

Lear travels the country with a copy of the Constitution…one of a few remaining copies of the original document.  He wants people to take the time to read this glorious statement, the beginning of a grand experiment in government.  I want to sign up for a Norman Lear fan club!  I have always said that you can say that you disagree with me but don’t call me evil because I don’t share  your opinion.

This is a very special day in our family…the WE of our life.  My mother began dating my father on this day.  I own the flag that my great-grandmother flew with 48 stars.  She came to the United State from Sweden as an emigrant in the 1870’s.  She died one month after I was born. 

So I challenge you on this day to abandon the ME and embrace the we…family, country, citizen of the world.  A very wise man named Aristotle said “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

Just me saying Happy 4th of July!  Remember what it is all about!


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6 thoughts on “When ME becomes WE!!! Sunday Scribblings

  1. You made me laugh with the title of your article, great, you, we hopefully do not happen to they, happy July 4th

  2. Your hommage to the 4th under the Me banner is wonderful. I just finished watching the History Channel's documentary – The Revolution. Fantastic viewing.

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