The Anniversary Letter…Dear Andy, Susan, Larry and many more!

Dear Andy, Amanda, Maddie, Amelia, Sam, Connor, Susan, Doug, Ethan, Elena, Larry, Kim, Brayden, Brycen, Alexis, Kyanna, Alisia,

We will celebrate today! We will gather in one place, all nineteen of you will sleep under the same roof and look at the same sky.  Peace will be ours to smell and savor.  Food cooked by your hands and served by you wonderful grandchildren will be ours.  For fifty years we have been building this house of companionship.  For two days your grandfather and I will just sit back and watch what we have made.  It will be good.  We thank you before it even happens!

Mary Oliver wrote the words that fill my heart today.  I do not need more and would never want less:

The way I’s like to go on living in the world
wouldn’t hurt anything.  I’d just go on
walking uphill and downhill looking around,
and so, what if half the time I don’t know what for—

so what if it doesn’t come to a hill of beans-
so what if I vote liberal,
and am Jewish
or Lutheran-
or a game warden-
or a bingo addict-
and smoke a pipe!

It is all good…I am happy and so are you.  That, in the end, is all that matters.

Mother, Grandmother, Barbara

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