Three Women….adventure queens!

Note:  Sunday Scribblings posted this challenge this morning:

#223 – Video Prompt

In honour of this wonderful video that I saw this week, the prompt is going to give you a chance to honour someone who you think is amazing.

The instructions are:

1. Watch
this video. (above)
2. Write about the person it makes you think about.
Optional: go to this website and nominate someone.


My husband and I were lucky enough to spent a weekend at the beach with our family recently.  All nineteen of us in the same house eating and talking.  We were celebrating our 50 years of marriage a few month early.  Getting everyone in the same place is tricky so we tend to break the rules a bit.  We walked on the beach and took hundreds of pictures because….we never know what is next.

On our first evening together we ate spaghetti because that is what we have always done on the first day of a vacation for 50 years.  The family expects it and even planned the meal without my prompting.  We call it spaghetti already, much better than spaghetti again!  After we laughed and celebrated a group picture was taken on the huge couch in the house.  My daughter directed the picture this time.  The torch is being passed very slowly.

There were very small gifts…a stuffed animal for the baby, candy for the grown men, kites for the boys, compacts for the teen girls, two necklaces for the littler girls and small refrigerator magnets that say adventure queen.  Three porcelain magnets for the amazing women I call daughter and daughter-in-law.

These gifts from my husband and I were filled with meaning for all of us.  Girls need to hold an object, boys need to make something, babies need to play, husbands need chocolate + kudos for patience and daughters need to be cherished.  In our family it is just the way it has evolved.  It was only natural that this evening should be no different.

Choosing which one of these amazing people to write about today would have been very difficult had it not been for the Sunday Scribblings prompt.  Each is a unique and wonderful story waiting to be told…seventeen children, spouses and grandchildren living remarkable lives.  But for today at least, the women in my life will take center stage.

My son’s had the good sense to marry women that look them in the eye and are strong beyond belief.  We were lucky enough to be given a beautiful talented daughter of our very own.  It seems these women make a perfectly matched set.

  • Susan  My daughter is the light of our life.  Because she knew from the time she entered college what she wanted to do she came to her career at a young age.  She is a sworn state policeman and has used her chemistry degree to become the director of the DNA unit in her state lab.   Did I mention that she is the mother of two children ages 13 and 17.  This last year she ran a marathon with two friends.  She and her husband have been married for 20 years.  AND she is the best auntie any niece or nephew could ever ask for and she is a loyal friend to many.  This woman knows how to love life and play!  I am wowed every time I am around her.  She is my best ever friend.  It goes without saying…but I will anyway…we love her.
  • Amanda  My oldest son married a woman that has been willing to take on every adventure and challenge given her.  She and my son live in Shanghai, China.  Her job has taken her to some amazing places, adventures in them self.  She has visited the “real Shangrila” in China and sat with a living Buddha.  She is a Apple Educator, has a teaching certificate to teach anywhere in the world, is a teacher of math/technology with a degree in Social Science.  She has a masters degree in school administration.  She has rappelled from Karsk mountains in China.  We are proud she is part of our family.  She is one of my best friends.  She is the mother of two of our granddaughters and we love her.
  • Kim  My youngest son married a woman that was raising three daughter alone.  He is a very lucky man in so many ways.  She was willing to bare two more children with him and we love all 5 of these children dearly.  The two babies, Brayden and Brycen, are less than two years apart and our daughter-in-law manages a household of seven with the help of our son.  She received her masters degree shortly after the first boy was born.  She was hired as a director with the State of Oregon supervising 911 servers in the state when this baby was very young.  It seems there is nothing she cannot accomplish.  She is a friend and I love talking to her.  She is amazing and we love her.

If we had been in that mall with the women dancing we would have stood on the edges mimicking the moves…all four of us.  Adventure Queens never rest.  Mine are beautiful (really) smart, tough, loving and, above all, risk takers.  I am a very lucky woman.

Have a wonderful day.


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