Surprised After all these Years!

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary…11 grandchildren.  Surprise!
Isn’t it interesting that our heart can hold so many people.
Don’t you find it strange that at the end of a day, say Tuesday, you will realize that you have had a very bad day.
Why is it that, even though we are smart, we will rise to the bait when we know better. 
I find that even though I know my husband is in the house, I will jump when he suddenly appears where I don’t expect him.
A victim is often not at fault but once in a while we forget…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
The most surprising thing of all is how few words it takes to say a great deal.  Take the Gettysburg Address made by Abraham Lincoln.
It surprises me when after all these years I can still be surprised.
Have a wonderful day.
Finding the Bigger Picture from Life Set to Words

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