A Forgotten Social Grace…the letter!

If the letter had come yesterday
I would have know the joy of your words
I want to be able to choose to have good news
come fast and bad news get lost 
at the post office!
A doorway to meaningful things.

I have a friend who is in love with a hand written, in ink, letter…on a piece of real paper!  She has taught me the charm of what is becoming a lost art.  The letter may be sent on Monday but will not be in my hands until the week is out.  The delay between the writing and the getting seems to enrich the words.  Why that is I don’t know.

She has written to me about driving past her late mother’s house with her grandson.  An angel she would have thought as she remarked to her grandson that it was great-grandmother birthday.  Maybe she was eating angel food cake with other angels she wrote she had said to him.  I could see her smile.   She will write about taking a walk or visiting a friend.  There is always the mention of a hospice patient she is getting organized in their last days of life and what she had for supper.  I look forward to a letter in the mail from her and I am sure you can all see why.

It is a good thing to remember the art of a hand written letter that says  thank you or a simple get well card sporting a hand picked stamp.  How special such a small thing can make a friend or a child feel.  I slipped somehow in remembering social graces when I began begrudging the cost of a postage stamp.  Shame on me.  Really, I  know social graces never go out of style.  My friend reminded me of that.

Thank you Mary Grace for being who you are…I do hope you are having a wonderful day.  A letter from me will be coming soon.


Link:  Sunday Scribbling

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