The Journey…what if?

The words were said before I could get them back…did I say that?  Glancing around it seemed no one had heard so it was as though they had never been spoken.

He was small so he didn’t realize that his mother’s patience had been worn to a nub!  Cupboard doors were open and cereal…Grapenuts…covered the kitchen floor.

Three Children

The second baby girl was at peace on my hip as I surveyed damage, counting the pennies in my purse and the cost of the precious cereal.  The little boy smiled at me sweetly and I heard my mother’s voice…isn’t he cute she would have said.

I regretted the words formed by my lips…if I had known how hard this journey would be, would I have ever begun?  

Now as I approach the end of the travels, it frightens me that I might never have felt the ultimate joys of this life.  What if I had never given birth to my children?  I was allowed to view the journey through their eyes.  How sad that would have been!



12 thoughts on “The Journey…what if?

  1. Two of my three children were not born to me, but were raised by me. I certainly never guessed how hard it would be when I included them in my marriage vows. Quite a journey but I love all three!

  2. You have pulled up a great deal with your writing, memories, images, emotions, and, I think, another poem. And I thank you profusely for all of them. Wonderfully written, the soft details so clear, the wisdom deep from a fellow traveler. Elizabeth

  3. The ultimate question: "What if we had never given birth to our children?" This is lovely and we must be kindred spirits, you and I … because I feel the same way!And how wonderful of you to post their photo …

  4. Thank you all…I had goose bumps when I opened this post and saw you comments. I am glad it struck a cord with you. Sometimes the truth is so rich not a single detail need be changed.Have a wonderful day all.b

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