What if they didn’t go home…a Grandmother’s worst fear!

Drink Feeble Protest

Brayden in a Basket….toys out him in!

Three Word Wednesday!

I’m not sure how to say this other than to just come out plain and simple…being a Grandmother scares me sometimes.  I thought the time my son came home bleeding from the head after his friend threw the hammer up in the air and it landed on his skull scared me.  It turns out my grandchildren can top even that.

See sometimes, when they come to visit for the day, they don’t want to go home.  I will protest feebly that I don’t want them to go either.  I am such a liar.  It scares me to death that one of these days my children will let them stay forever.  There is not enough drink of any flavor to get me through something like that. 

I have taken to keeping a jar of candy close at hand and the only way the grandchildren can have any is if they go home.  I caught myself playing the “I am old” card the other day…you know…I would love to have you stay but Grandma is getting old!  I am so pathetic.

There you have it…confession of a terrified grandma!  What more can you want!   🙂


PS  Did I tell you all I finally have my Kindle Reader.  If you remember I was hoping to earn enough money with my Adsense account to buy one.  I would not let myself even think about it until I earned a little money and I finally got an Adsense check in the mail.   Then I traded my old iPhone with my son for his old kindle!  I am just loving it!  Isn’t that cool?

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5 thoughts on “What if they didn’t go home…a Grandmother’s worst fear!

  1. Funny! While still a little young for grandkids, I know that in about 8-10 years, I may be in your shoes…I have already explained to my children that while I will love their children, they can't stay for extended periods of time (barring necessity). It isn't that i am too old, just that I am not interested. I've raised my kids. When I'm done, I'm done.

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