Why Take Myself Too Seriously?

Joke, leverage, remedy 
Three Word Wednesday Prompt #CCI

DePot Bay, Oregon  (just because)!

I know I  take myself too seriously…not only writing because I feel the need but also feeling the need to have someone read what I have written!  As though what I write is important to anyone but me.  I seems to be a big joke and I am the brunt.  There is no remedy unfortunately.  No pill or even a “burn” by another blogger will turn me away…and I have had that happen.  Once I wrote a blog while I was very sick and boy did I get called on that one!  Believe it or not I did consider quitting the blog and taking up knitting!  My hurt feelings passed pretty quickly and I was back at the computer the next day!  

But I do like to have a purpose for writing…a little comment here and there, maybe someone will click on one of the icons in the yellow bar at the bottom of the page and say they digg my writing or even tweet me up (scottie).  I am thrilled with 25 cents in earnings when someone clicks on an ad on the page.  I don’t have any leverage with a publisher or connections in NYC.  All I have is my life and my optimistic personality.  

I think I will just quit taking myself seriously at all…I wear hearing aids, have my hair pulled up with two barretts and am wearing a tank top without….well you get the picture.  I would take a picture but a big zit has appeared on my face right under the wrinkles that fall down from my right eye!  Egads folk!  I know a joke when I see one!  Smile!

Have a wonderful day.  Hop on over to Retire in Style Blog if you have time.  That is where I am hanging out more and more.  I also publish on Hub Pages.  Come by and see me sometime.


Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Why Take Myself Too Seriously?

  1. The Interwebs and its blogs has opened a world where people can connect over time and space. It's not for everyone, but it is cheap therapy. (I've got a huge zit on my face right now, too.)

  2. this cracked me up – back from vacation and enjoying all the goodies on the internets! don't stop B – I'm not even going to describe what I look like right now LOL

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