The Gift of Thyme

Lunch at the Arizona Inn…Virginia, Mary and Elaine Yesterday I talked about Mary and the Ordinary Day. Mary is the friend that told me about Tuesday Gifts last year. A Tuesday Gift, if you don’t remember, is a gift given on any day of the week with no reason. They are the very best kind of gift…they say “I like you” on a plain old Ordinary Day.

So last night when we shared dinner and cake with Mary, my husband and I gave Mary a gift of Time (thyme). She sat at the dinner table talking about the schedule she maintained on a daily basis…Mass, lunch with friends, exercise, meal preparation, golf and much, much more. She said there is just not enough TIME.

I could not help but smile all during the meal. I knew that when she came to our house for cake and coffee, a gift would be waiting for her.

I had gone to the nursery and bought three different kinds of thyme. I potted them in a simple clay pot and placed a rusted iron bird on the edge for decoration. I wish it were this easy to fill all the needs for my friends. I think it would be wonderful to be able to give a friend a pot of good health, smiles or sunshine? It was wonderful satisfying evening. b


3 thoughts on “The Gift of Thyme

  1. Hi B,What a thoughtful idea. Life is so much easier when we have thoughtful, caring friends around us. Sounds like you are a wonderful friend, and I’m happy you thought enough of Mary to brighten her day with a sweet surprise. Cheers to you and friends like you everywhere.

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