Feeling for Tom…how is that going to be?

Three Word Wednesday
break, negative, surface

London (pictures of NYC are not digital…sigh!)

So, I don’t know if you have been following but Tom (our IIIWW guy)  is in the big city!  My husband and I were talking about him over breakfast this morning.  How would that be for someone like us that live in a small big city to move to the Big Apple?  Would we do that willingly or would we demur at the opportunity and simply read about the adventure from afar?  I am sure that Tom wrestled with the decision before he made the leap.

Tom wrote in a newspaper article not so many years ago about his relationship with a world intertwined with nature:

This is where I’m supposed to be, for right now, right here. Surrounded by the wilds of Northern California and enough gear and time off to explore. A walk into the woods, a chance to repair the mental weight of modern life.

Now he has sought out “the mental weight of modern life” at it’s best and worst.  NYC is a quick study in all that the world has to offer.  All you need to do is take notes and sit down and write.  I really do envy him.

Still, I thought about it all morning.  My emotional response surprised me.  It makes me tense to even think about leaving one life for another.  Pondering a break from my routine makes me uneasy.   I don’t want to be negative…the tension is filled with yearning and excitement…the very thought of moving to NYC for even a month makes me want to dance and sing.  But still, I would be nervous and tense.  I too am linked to nature and green flowers and space between people.  Riding on the teeter totter between yes and no is very interesting.  Right now I am leaning toward the no side.

Yet, I was born rural with a heart that yearned for the city.  I still need large doses of dirty streets with people where they should not be.  I love a hotdog from a cart and sales at Macys.  On the three occasions I have been in New York I felt perfectly at home…people ask ME for directions.  But I knew that I did not belong…I was an outsider with a friendly face.  Policemen and fellow bus riders liked that.  I always wondered how long before they got to know me and told me to wipe that stupid grin off my face…life is really hard! they might say.

“Surface tension” is that thing that makes a fall into the swimming pool on our belly hurt.  Even though the water is…well water, it still has a surface that is hard to break through.  I suppose it could be the perfect symbol for the leap into the pool of life.  Toms name for his blog, Surface Tension, fits his life perfectly I think.

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3 thoughts on “Feeling for Tom…how is that going to be?

  1. I'm not there yet (We get keys to the condo Oct. 1), but I think you captured everything pretty well. I am a child of nature, I find joy in open spaces. But I also am an old soul; every city I've been to, I've felt so comfortable there. But here's the cool thing about my adventure – I lucked into the greenest residential place in Manhattan and I'm three blocks from Central Park. It's all good. Thanks for thinking of me.

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