Albert is Dead and Gone! Friday Fiction

I was trying to write a piece for Friday Fiction…Albert (I think that was his name) needed to die.  The poor sad paranoid little man was the most annoying character I had ever written about.  And that was not all…he was a peeping Tom stalker of the first order.  The story was not very long…just right I thought.  He had died at his own hand by accident while sitting on the toilet.  (You figure that one out.)  I clicked publish. I waited patiently for it to appear. That was when Albert and his story disappeared into cyberspace never to be seen again.

I don’t know what went wrong so don’t even ask.  It may have been a computer glitch or maybe it was just karma…Albert was not a nice man.  Even after he was lost, dead and gone the police were looking for his killer or I assume they were.  If they had gotten a break(through) on the case, he might still be alive on my blog today.  But no!!!

I am very frustrated and will be very careful about the save now button on the new post page and my loading blue line at the bottom of my browser page.  So Albert goodby and good ridance.  You have caused me enough annoyance to last me for several days.


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Friday Fiction
Sunday Scribblings ( I laughed, the only way I am early for Sunday Scribblings is if Laini or Megg are very late getting the prompt up.  Thank you girls!!!)

PS:  Oh by the way would you be a follower?  I know it is presumptuous but I just need a few so my “follower” button does not look so very pathetic.  Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Albert is Dead and Gone! Friday Fiction

  1. That's really too bad. A really screwed up creepy like Albert is always such an interesting puzzle for both writer and reader. He comes back to haunt one long after he gets flushed, whether its down the loo or into cyberspace. My condolences, but I have to admit that you made me laugh and grin with your post. Elizabeth

  2. Where is Albert waiting for you I wonder? Bad guys reappear not disappear! I have added myself to your followers..hope it helps boost the ranks and look forward to getting your links..Jae 🙂

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