…So Is He! Proverbs 23

Seeking photo by etorris 2010

Are you looking
For Bliss in the Rain
Eyes half closed so
The mist won’t blur your sight.
What you think in your
Heart will become your
Paint palette shading
The droplets
So clean and pure.
How you see
A dawn of the day
Is not ordained by
The cloud or the light.
You choose the
Hue of each band
The rainbow reveals.
Are you
Good in Evil?
Fast in Slow?
Long in Short?
Clean in Disorder?
Joy in Sorrow?
Learning in Ignorance?
Me in You?
Hope in death?
Or like a mirror
All things reversed?
No pearl should
Ever slip away because
You could not find
The beauty in the shell
Of the oyster.
Rough and dark surface
Hides a sparkling clean core
The jewel is
Ready for discovery.
You choose the
Hue of each band in
The rainbow reveals.
The grace of a cleansing rain
When blended on a palette
Paint box, turns to a muddy black.
Do you dwell on the black
Or do you revel in the
Colors that make black
So gloriously beautiful!
“As a man thinketh in his heart
So is he!”
Proverbs Chapter 23 Verse 7


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