Magpie Tales: Passing the Torch

Magpie Tales. #34

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She glanced up at the shelf where it had been…the lamp so magic it would not be found.  They decided to just let it be and so it had been since the Mother was gone. 
In a earlier time it had passed back and forth from sister to sister…each hiding the precious glass from the other’s view.  They were unaware of the spell it would weave.  It seemed to vanish without warning from the shelf or draw.  Then one or the other would find it resting innocently on the side table.  The lamp would choose who held the vase full of liquid gold that burned so brightly on a winter’s night.…for a while.  
They had learned that it did not like quarreling or clangs.  The sweet breath of a baby would bring it shining to the room in the night.  At first they had thought the other was playing tricks.  But time passed and they knew it could not be a trick.  The Mother only smiled in that knowing way and went back to reading her letters.   
When Mother passed on that summer’s eve, the lamp’s light fell low on the living room mantle.  This mother so unique held the keys to all that they knew.  One of the sisters would be chosen to fill her place but neither sought the prize. They sat in the lantern’s shadow and knew that the time had come.  A torch of a kind would be passed to a new generation…but the lamp would decide when it could be passed on to the chosen one. 
Games that the sister’s had played ceased to be and they would wait for the sign to begin again.

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