Three Word Wednesday…three short notes!!!

The Saguaro Tipped Over!!!  Sigh!

Three Word Wednesday

hint, lust, sheen…I claim these three words as my own…I am not sharing boys and girls!  Sorry!

The Hint…I lost my ironing board and I did the “I lost my ironing board dance all over the house.”  I asked  my husband to get it out for me and he could not find it.  Then I had a scary thought.  Was this a hint that he would never iron ever????  He actually has done this a few time during our 50 years of marriage so hope spring eternal. I found it hiding behind a blouse in my closet.  I am still hopeful.  Maybe he sees entering my closet as akin to going into the den of evil?  

The Sheen…I colored my hair and it turned out really blond with a bright sheen…but really, really blond.  I will make it darker today…I decided I don’t care if it is shiny.

The Lust…Did you hear that they had a tornado in northern Arizona? While we live in the south we still were hit by very high winds.   It blew our beautiful huge Saguaro Cactus over.  It is such a shame because I knew that all my neighbors lusted for that cactus.  In fact they called us to let us know…I think they were having a party. What am I going to do for bragging rights now?  

Sheen, lust, hint…and just a note from Barbara!


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7 thoughts on “Three Word Wednesday…three short notes!!!

  1. How do you lose a WHOLE ironing board? Where could it go? This blew me away.I love cacti: I used to own a few hundred varieties, which have been reduced to just a few since we had a family. Now they are in high school, I might find a few more. That one is one big cactus… but everything is finite.

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