How to be more yourself…change the story!

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Now it is almost spring (she said hopefully), it is time for me to look at making some changes.  Lighten things up or move something or even set out on a quest for information.  I need some shift in my life…as I grow older I find change is a good thing!  It tells me the story of my life is not over.

The old person’s challenge is to find ways to move things about without putting things in our way. It is said that we cannot even change the way we shower let alone the way we walk or talk.  I may write blithely about breaking habits or moving into a smaller space but I am like so many people my age…change comes harder all the time.  My favorite quote is “We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.”  (Lynn HallWhere Have All the Tigers Gone?, 1989)  I like the quote because the word change takes on a different meaning…I am not becoming someone else.  I am simply becoming more like myself!  Could it be that making change as we age becomes harder because we are nearer to truly being ourselves?

You can tell by the way this has begun that I will not be getting rid of anything, I will not sort the closet although the closet could stand a good sorting.  I will not be clearing my desk or cleaning the shed.  I am talking about more subtle changes that lift my spirits.  I will do it keeping in mind that my husband lives here too.  My change probably should not require him to move the computer off the side table where he can reach it without getting up.  No, this change will be about me! has a whole section devoted to spring cleaning…there are how to’s and when to’s and even analyzing to’s.  You can follow a list for cleaning drawers and getting organized!  Honestly, I have never done spring cleaning…not the way my mother did.  She had two sisters to help and they would clean three houses in three days…I think they even may have had a little fun.  I am more apt to buy a coupon from Groupon…today here in Tucson they had one for $40 that would get a professional 2 hours cleaning top to bottom.  I like that a lot.  While I am very clean I cannot honestly say I like the process.  I think there will be some rearranging that will bring the sun into my life even on a rainy day.

I think I need is a little change in scenery…without a vacation.  I will trade pictures on the living room wall with those in the bedroom.  I will change the header on one of my blogs.  A chair will be moved…not very much…but when I look up from a book, I will see a different view.  The hummingbird feeder will be moved from this window to that and the hanging plants will take it’s place.  I will buy spring flowers and put them on my windowsill until the temperature is warm enough that they can live outdoors.  These are small things that make me feel happy inside.  That, my friends, is very important.

Altered Photo…can you find me ?
If it turns out that I like those small changes I may even be brave and let the mirror tell a different story about me personally.  I could alter the way I look in some small ways.  I could get my hair cut, get some highlights and change my nail polish.  I may even decide to wear that blouse I bought in Mexico that looks totally different from anything else I own.  Maybe that blouse will reflect who I really am!  While I search for an altered view, who knows what I may find. As I strip away the layers of notions planted in my mind so long ago, I may find a person that I won’t even recognize…my hope is that she will be more clearly me.   And I hope I like her a lot!

Have a wonderful day!



One thought on “How to be more yourself…change the story!

  1. I really like this, Barbara, because it is exactly how I think about change. We are creatures of habit (you are so right about showering) that even the smallest adjustment takes conscious effort. But, that minor shift not only refreshes a little corner of our life, it also opens our mind to other little changes.A prime example: for the last few years I have become bored with the hand towels in our powder room. I'm just tired of the same look. Finally, last weekend I replaced 3 hand towels. The room suddenly looks fresher and different. Why did it take so long to make the $80 change? Inertia.Thanks for your reminder that change is as much a mental process as a physical one.

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