Shall We Go To Bed So These People Can Go Home? On being a grandmother!

I am a mother-in-law/grandmother…and I am finding that it has become a huge part of who I am. I fought it for a long time. Not because I didn’t love my grandchildren beyond reason or because they were not important. I fought it because I did not want to become one of those intrusive mother-in-laws that had information…lots and lots of information.

Now I have realized that I cannot escape the role. My children have learned to endure my warnings and cautions. I have worn the edges off my anxiety. It is all good. 

One thing did cross my mind the other night though. I began wondering if my husband and I over stayed our welcome at our last family gathering. It is hard to know just the right moment to depart. If we leave too soon we are saying without words that we are not interested. If we leave too late the children are thinking “Honey shall we can go to bed so these people can go home?” That is not good either.

Family GatheringI suppose that keeping it in mind and being considerate is more important than anything. I hope you are well.  Come back soon.



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