Three Word Wednesday….Beacon Grieve Kindred…Etta

Here is a piece I wrote in 2010 for a writing prompt website. It is just the beginning of what I loved to do.

I Changed My Mind...

This is written in a style of note taking.  The reader should build the story in their own mind as they read the notes.  I have not drawn any conclusions because it seems to me this piece of fiction could go just about any direction.  The novel notes are written by my fictional character, Etta and the newspaper is a college paper published weekly on the campus of the school she attended.  She found this article in the archives from 1949.  Etta attended college from 1959-1962.  It is all just for fun.  Enjoy


Reference:  The Beacon Newspaper

October 12, 1949
Eastern Oregon College (EOC)
La Grande, Oregon
The case against Professor Elijah Honor was dropped.  “Evidence that pointed to his guilt in the disappearance of his wife was not sufficient to warrant pursuit of the case,” District Attorney John Liston pointed out.  Mrs. Honor went missing in…

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