It’s time for a change…

I want to change what I already own. But redesign is not as easy at it seems sometimes.

Take for example, this blog. Several years ago, I think it was an election year but I am not certain, I started this blog and named it “It Crossed My Mind Blog”. The title without the word blog was not available. I wrote on it for quite a while and then the election was over and so was my reason for posting. So I decided to import another blog and all the archives here. I suppose I thought at the time this would be a safe place to store them. I had been using Blogger and they have a problem called blogrot which means that after about 3 years things begin to just wither away. That old blog went back to 2007.

Then I simply forgot all about it until it cropped up as I was looking at my WordPress homepage.

That was yesterday. Because I have been wanting to write more fiction, I felt the need to bring it back to life again.  However, the title did not work for me any more and the thought of change the domain name from to something else made me tired. Instead, I decided to change the blog title and leave the domain untouched and move on to writing a little bit of fiction again.

Images from old blog posts:

China...News From the Inside
China, 2006
Semana Santa...Easter Holy Week 2003
Spain, 2003
She's A Cat Lady!!!
Texas, date lost in the mist!
Extravagant....Writer Island Prompt
California Wine Country

I hope you will read some of the older posts about Etta and other things that were on my mind back 8 years ago. I know I’m going to do just that. This experience reinforces the thoughts I had when I began writing. Looking back is fun sometimes!

Thank you for stopping by.


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I Lost My Mind!

For the love of Pete!!!! Happy Birthday Shel Silverstein's

I gave up the domaine name for this blog but wordpress still has it…I thought all of the old blog posts were gone forever! Then I found that I had paid a bill to WordPress. Ordinarily a bill doesn’t come for a dead horse so I began looking through all my manure and sure enough there the rest of my life and mind was…alive and well.  I am very excited. And I love the look of the page. Life is good!