A Story…in the beginning!

it may be that there are so many stories in my mind they have blocked the exits and will not come out. I struggle because they come to me in the night when my guard is down and then flee into the recesses of my mind when I open my eyes in the morning.

The characters are in place. My husband and I named the first as we sat over breakfast at a restaurant next to Home Depot. We decided to combine family names along with a name that sounded very Swedish to me. It seemed to work. Her name was Etta Elen Almquist.

Then Buzzard and Edith moved in across from Etta Elen’s mother and father. The group grew when Miss Apple, Edith’s sister appeared one day. Other characters included Frog, an early friend of Etta’s.

But they are hiding behind walls in my mind and it is going to take some prodding to flush them out. It will be done but not today. I am too busy to do any chasing today.