I Wish You Would Quit Doing That!

Microblog Monday

Every time we had lunch, the conversation would begin with complaints about other people…people she knew, people she didn’t know but had to stand next to and people that she didn’t know and honestly had never met. I swear, I could write a book.

We don’t have lunch anymore. The last straw was on Thursday, Jan. 17 at the local Cheesecake Factory.  I hadn’t even sat down before she took one look at me and said “I wish you would quit doing that!”

What? I looked myself over and decided I was just fine…we didn’t even have lunch on that day. IMG_2391

Personally, I only have one complaint. I hate it when people have business meetings at my local Starbucks. It interferes with my caffeine uphoria. I don’t care what they are planning to do or who they are going to hire. Women with big notebooks talking endlessly about selling door to door are not nearly as interesting as they think they are. Sigh! I may have to give up Starbucks in addition to my luncheon dates and that is not good!