September: Time to Visit Oregon Wine Country,

Garden Vineyard, Sept. 2012

Here in Oregon the wine industry is getting to be famous. Those of us that live here would like to keep our little secret but it just doesn’t work that way. If you have something good, the rest of the world wants to get in on the action. 

Country Roads Lead to Magic
Photographer’s Dream, Washington Co. Oregon

My husband and I visited the Garden Vineyard here in Washington Country a couple of weeks ago.  Hidden at the end of a country road, the vineyard was a total surprise.  It was very busy yet the owner told us they did not advertise. Word of mouth has made the weekend tastings very popular.  During the summer they feature live music on Friday nights and in the fall the outdoor theater shows Halloween movies. 

All I could think as we signed up for a membership was How do we keep this beautiful place a semi-secret? Take a look at the views and I think you will understand why.