I Can Do It Now

Computer Desk
I even turned off the computer because I was so confident I would remember what I was doing!

I always claimed that, unlike my mate, I would leave a task unfinished to respond to a request. That might explain why I have so many “drafts” of unfinished stories in my files. It is true. I can leave, respond and help now. I just cannot remember what I was doing before all of that. I might just be that I will be 73 tomorrow. But for today at least, you would think I could remember to at least press the “post” button!


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One thought on “I Can Do It Now

  1. This makes me laugh! I’m a little bit like this with comments on posts. I’ll start to comment, but get distracted or decide to leave it till I’m at my laptop (easier than my phone or iPad), and then never get back to it.

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